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Enter the mysterious world of the Native NZ Owl Рthe morepork, or Ruru. Meet Owl Capone, Owlè MacPherson, Owlvis Presley, and the Owlcatraz babies Owlmo and Owlfalfa.


Hear the guides explain the legends of the ruru and feel the breeze as the “Priest of the Forest” glides by you with his 100% soundless flight. This purpose built area has no glass or cages so there are no barriers between you and these magnificent creatures of our NZ bush. Owlcatraz is also home to Little German Owl ‘Owlivia Newton John.

Owle MacPherson with daughter Owlfalfa.300x300
Owle MacPherson with daughter Owlfalfa

Owlby Campbell.300x300
Owlby Campbell

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