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Other Attractions

Owlcatraz Other Attractions

Other Attractions

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  • Walk through peaceful, spectacular native bush with wooden bridges and the old waterwheel.
  • Witness the amazing recovery of the bush since the big storm of July 2008.
  • You may be lucky enough to see a little wild owl sitting in the bush and watch the tui’s and small birds who arrive to drink from the nectar stations.
  • Spend some time enjoying your lunch in the picnic area where there are rabbits, guinea pigs, lorikeets, finches and other small birds and animals.
  • Lamb Chops the pet sheep will race into the pen to be fed and Spirit our miniature horse has a mind of his own.
  • All ages enjoy a ride on the Thomas Train which operates daily (weather permitting.)
  • Adults can enjoy a cup of complimentary tea or coffee and browse through the ‘owl themed’ gift shop.

Joey our sulphur crested cockatoo is our resident comedian and loves visitors (especially adults!!)

Joey & Meegan.300x300
Joey & Meegan
Petra with bunny friend.300x300
Petra with bunny friend
Native Bridge
‘Thomas lookalike’ miniature Train
Visitors enjoying the picnic area.300x300Visitors enjoying the picnic area
Jocinta with bunny_0.300x300Jocinta with bunny

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